Civil Defense

History of the Auxiliary Police

 The North Tonawanda Auxiliry Police was established in 1950 by Captain Butler to be used as a base for the old Cold War air raid wardens. The unit was called Civil Defense Police and worked on patrol on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights patrolling city streets, working football games, dances, special events along with directing traffic at fires and car accidents. They also were called out at natural disasters, storms and emergencies.

 In the late 1970’s Civil Defense was changed to FEMA, the Civil Defense officers were turned over to the North Tonawanda Police Department and their name was changed to Auxiliary Police.

 The Auxiliary Police work under the direction of the regular Police Department during Friday and Saturday night training drills. We have 4 auxiliary police vehicles equipped the same as the regular police cars minus the computers. Our communications are portable and car radios on same police channels as the regular department. 

 We act as additional eyes and ears while patrolling the city streets and assist the regular officers with traffic control, fire scenes, crowd control or where ever additional manpower would be required.

  We have a 20-hour basic training program for all new recruits with additional training during our weekend drills. Our Patrol Officers are New York State Certified Peace Officers.

 When an emergency disaster occurs, we can be activated by the mayor / emergency management director or North Tonawanda Police Department, we work under the Federal Emergency Management Agency that coordinate duties through the regular police department dispatchers.